Do you have a spare suitcase in the loft?

We don't mind if it's plain, garish, hard or fabric. Could it make one more long journey to Kenya?

Do you have some spare clothes?

Could you donate some clothing or educational supplies? Or make something?

Travelling light on safari?

Not using your full luggage allowance? Could you take an extra suitcase to Kenya?


“Inspired by my love of Kenya, I set up ‘Ailsa’s Suitcase’ at the beginning of 2020 to transfer essential items of clothing, sanitary wear, and educational supplies from the UK to Kenya.”

Sarah Weston

A series of vital links maximises the quantity of clothing and educational supplies that we can send. It’s a win-win-win-win-win for everyone involved.

  1. We accept unwanted suitcases.
  2. Fill them with practical clothing (new and second hand), reusable sanitary pads, and educational items.
  3. Team up with people who are already travelling to Kenya.
  4. Drop off to an Elewana (Land and Life Foundation) Driver at Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta) International Airport.

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What It Involves

Donate a Suitcase

We will accept any suitcase that can withstand one more, long journey and we don’t mind what it looks like!

Donate (and Make) Items

New or clean second-hand clothing, bras, nightwear, sports clothing. Pens, pencils and chalks. Reusable sanitary pads.

Take Items to Kenya

Check in an extra suitcase, collect at baggage reclaim and hand over to a charities driver at the airport.

Tell all your Friends

Support our Facebook page. Each separate link in the chain is vital – and you can play your part.

Don't Send Money!

We are not a charity ourselves and we do not ask for monetary donations. You can donate directly to the charities we support.


Act as a hub: collecting suitcases and items, packing, and delivering to prospective travellers.