Donate Clothing or Educational Supplies

Donate Clothing or Educational Supplies

We will accept any quantity of new or clean second hand clothing and we don’t mind sorting through it. We particularly need bras, nightwear and clothing for children from babies up to eighteen years old but we will also take clothing for adults. We’d like to be able to send sports clothing.

We are very happy to receive lightweight educational materials such as pens, pencils and chalks.

Making Things

If you are willing to make clothing for us to send then we would point you in the direction of Etsy and the straightforward patterns available at Puperita.

NOTE: Please avoid fabric which depicts owls and chameleons as some communities have a taboo around these animals.

We are also very happy to receive reusable sanitary pads. Patterns are available ActionAid.

Etsy is a great source of patterns for clothing and Puperita have many straightforward and delightful patterns for children’s clothing.

Any Other Ideas?

If you think you may have anything else of interest please feel free to contact us.