Travel with an Extra Suitcase

Travel with an Extra Suitcase

Travellers to Kenya will play a vital role in distributing our suitcases. We will provide everything from suitcase to its contents and the appropriate paperwork for your journey.  We will adjust the suitcase and its contents to suit the additional weight you have available on your airline’s baggage allowance. If you are taking an internal flight to a safari lodge, for example, this will be in the region of 15-20kgs. Once you arrive in at the international airport in Nairobi this will be collected by a driver from Elewana (in association with The Land and Life Foundation).

This is all above board and all you need to do is to check through the contents of the suitcase before you travel so that you can answer the security questions honestly; there’s nothing to worry about and minimum effort. All of the contents satisfy customs and security requirements. 

Land & Life Foundation

We are extremely grateful to Elewana and the Land and Life Foundation for agreeing to distribute Ailsa’s Suitcases to a dozen lodges from where they will be sent to local organisations and charities which support communities in remote areas. Without them this project would not be able to operate.

We are also grateful for the fact that they have agreed to accept suitcases from anyone travelling from the UK and not just their own customers. Accordingly we will be able to send many more things in many more suitcases.